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I want to hump Ken Silverman's leg. Posted By Fortyseven on 2/2/2000
Ken Silverman: Codesmith. Composer. Scientist. Athlete. Lover.

If there's one thing that gets my goat, it's someone who's successful and isn't quite modest about it. Specifically Ken Silverman.
IT'S KEN!Yes, the guy behind Duke Nukem 3D's BUILD engine, who's homepage URL was posted on Blues not too long ago, lets us all know about, not only his experiences with 3D Realms, but also:

Aside from these shockingly amazing tales, he also discloses: Seriously though, despite the overflow of mind numbingly useless information, to his credit he does disclose a lot of interesting behind the scenes information about working with a game developer.  He also has several zip's of older prototype versions of Build along with copies of pre- and post-Epic Megagames versions of Ken's Labyrinth, including the full retail version.  If, for some bizarre unfathomable reason, QuickBasic is your thing, you'll find a somewhat nice collection of 3D code if you can wade through the shameless self-promotion.